7. Good two-way communication and governance​

Our aim is always to make implementation easier by improving the effectiveness of projects to avoid the common points of project failure. We have a structured methodology for improving delivery which is summarised below . This puts in place tools that reduce effort & ‘uplift’ quality from the lowest level to a level where delivery is viable. Recommendations:

  • Report according to deliverables from a progress tracker
  • Base the plan on a list of deliverables
  • Identify individual ownership of deliverables
  • If the project is complex, put all the deliverables into an MS Project plan and manage the dependencies.
  • In meetings focus on making decisions.
  • Be bold and realistic about how much progress is being made on deliverables
  • Identify the blockages and focus how to unblock
  • Avoid too many PowerPoint diagrams

Keys to success:

  1. Realistic two-way communication – openness / do not hiding things
  2. Knowing who is responsible for what
  3. Create a safe environment for resolving issues – punitive culture causes problems to be buried
  4. Dependencies need to be managed
  5. Hidden issues amplify when hidden or left unresolved

Good two-way communication and effective governance will allow the implementation to work in the wider business – this is discussed in the next section.