Why our people are so good at delivering projects

Why our people are so good at delivering projects
We believe the purpose of project consulting is to deliver meaningful change.

Innovators do this by empowering subject-matter experts to deliver on time, on cost and on target. The table to the right demonstrates what differentiates our people from others who self-identify as project managers.  We are powered by our people; we call them ‘Innovators’. They have experience, attitude, aptitude, humility and ability to deliver in environments where subject-matter  experts are uncertain how to deliver.   Because Innovation is solely concerned with delivering outcomes, we have high standards for people in the skills required for delivering them.  Our business model allows Innovation to be comparatively low cost for the quality the work we do. Three key features that differentiate Innovation from bigger and more general consultancies:

  • We only supply people the client requires – Not whoever we have available.
  • We do not swap out senior people for junior people once a job has started.
  • Customers do not pay for large overheads implicit in charges made by big firms.

We rate our people according to a scoring a system that demonstrates their abilities relative to our clients’ needs. For each skill or attribute each Innovator is given an aggregated score where: