to our people

Richard is into his 5th decade of delivering projects for clients.

I have been running Innovation’s business in Asia for 7 years. I arrived in Hong Kong to help AIA to manage the delivery of the actuarial work stream of their Initial Public Offering. I went on to manage various change projects for AIA and Towers Watson (now Willis Towers Watson). I have graduated from working in the business to working on the business. Our main clients in Hong Kong include AIA, Prudential, Willis Towers Watson and Manulife. Although we now consider insurance as a successful niche in Hong Kong, we have worked in many different industries over the years.

I have spent over 50 years implementing and driving business change through building and managing high performing teams. I learned my trade by delivering small business improvement projects in my early twenties and graduated over the years to multi-million pound, business critical, programmes and projects. This experience has been garnered from blue chip companies within the finance industry. I have worked with companies such as Nationwide Building Society, American Express, BUPA, The London Stock Exchange, Hermes Pensions Management, AIA, Manulife and various consultancies.

Although, latterly, I have been managing Innovation in Asia, I enjoy working with senior management teams to deliver large, mission critical, programmes and projects. I have managed a number of complex programmes and I believe my experience is invaluable to any organisation undergoing major change. This experience is supplemented by:

  • Developing the governance, methodologies, processes and procedures for handover of project management to local staff in Saudi Arabia
  • Improving overall project delivery as a QA Manager for a health insurer
  • Building and managing the project office for Big Bang for the London Stock Exchange
  • Replacing all the back office systems for a large pension fund manager (a four year programme)

Although I am preoccupied with finding the right Innovators to help our clients to achieve their objectives, I like to keep my hand in by undertaking short advisory assignments for clients from time to time.


The only thing to hold a project together is a shared conviction of its purpose and methods.

Never let the project fail for the sake of good management practice.

Don’t just do something - sit there.