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Peter brings more than two decades of strategy development, planning and managing strategic change in international corporate organisations.

I have delivered programmes and projects across a range of sectors, with a focus on Information & Communication Technologies (ICT). I worked for eleven years at Orange as Ambassador of Strategy, and Director of Strategy specialising in the business market internationally. As a consultant, I specialise in strategic and transformational change and the alignment of strategy and operations.

I passionately believe that strategic change, transformation and organisational alignment are as much about people and their motivation as they are about world-class programme management and my work focuses strongly on managing organisational dynamic during periods of change.

In my many years of work in the ICT industries and beyond, I have specialised in:

  • Strategy formulation and development
  • Strategic communications (internal and external)
  • Strategic and transformation planning and implementation
  • Alignment of strategic and operational processes to ensure coherent planning and implementation
  • Change management programmes
  • Brand, marketing and HR strategy review, reformulation and communication

Specific projects include:

  • Helping the leading communications company in Georgia to determine its future strategy and approach to M&A
  • He helped the Managed Services division of Iran’s largest mobile operator to determine its strategy and strategic programmes, and to design the implementation of the strategic programmes.

I am a frequent keynote speaker at TMT Conferences on Strategic Change helped Colt Technologies to review and refine its strategy and to engage.


Good Management is the art of making the problems so interesting and their solutions so constructive that everyone wants to get to work and deal with them.