to our people

Leena has 18 years experience of delivering projects for clients. She is based in Hong Kong and has delivered a number of projects across the Asian region

I have been working for Innovation for 7 years. I have been based in Hong Kong for the last four years and during that time I have managed projects for three insurance clients: Prudential, AIA and Manulife. It has been a great learning experience in terms of understanding the various cultures across the Asian region. It certainly contrasts with my experience in the UK. It has given me a better understanding of why project roll-outs from the West can fail when reaching Asian countries. It certainly reinforces innovation’s thoughts on a ‘Bridge to Asia”. It has also helped me gain some understanding of the different Asian cultures and how best to engage with them.

Most recently I have been working within the insurance space and have around 7 years experience. My specialisms include: actuarial and model development projects and I have strong skills in programme management best practice, detailed planning and senior stakeholder management. My projects have included:

  • Cross-regional capital management projects (for group CFO)
  • Multi-regional actuarial projects
  • Transfer of assets between two entities
  • Reporting programme
  • Reserving for IPO (for group chief actuary)
  • Relationship management between actuarial client and actuarial supplier

Overall I have managed around 20 projects for a variety of clients that also includes utilities and banks.


The three most important things for project management are planning, stakeholder engagement and appropriate resourcing.