to ifrs 17/9

Author: Stephen Porteous

Partner, Insurance Delivery

There is a good body of material available on what the standard will mean, but little has been communicated in the public domain about how to deliver IFRS 17.

We aim to fill that gap by providing this paper that will allow leaders of insurers and delivery firms to understand the scale of the challenge and what the next steps are in designing and planning the change.

Our purpose here is to communicate and inform insurers of the changes they will face:

  • We ask the strategic questions that will shape their approach
  • We illustrate the likely impact on business management and back-office operating models
  • We outline the actions required to deliver those changes
  • We identify some of the strategic issues, risks and opportunities faced by insurers
  • We pay special attention to the impact the standard will have on investor perception of the outcome of IFRS 17 implementation


Download File Delivering IFRS 17 (PDF, 4MB)