Retrieval and re-definition of a power station automation programme

The Challenge

This Programme involved the removal of existing electro-mechanical control systems from a major coal-fired power station, completely re-cabling and testing 20,000 I / O points, 6,000 main components and installing three electronic control desks over a 3 year timescale in three phases. The client appointed an Innovation Programme Delivery Architect to first carry-out an ‘open, positive audit’ on Phase 1 of this business critical programme, which had ‘faltered’ and was threatening to delay return to service of 25% of one of Europe’s largest power stations during a peak loading period.

The audit report identified that:
  • The client’s ‘Programme Manager’ was completely untrained in this discipline.
  • The Programme was running 14 days late.
  • The supplier was selected for their quality of equipment and had no experience of integration whatsoever.
  • Due to communication errors, over 10 miles of cabling was installed incorrectly.
  • The contract and the contractual approach were inappropriate for the client’s requirements.
  • Some of the technological approach was unproven ‘dream-ware’, devised by an impractical consulting engineer.
  • That there was a major legal issue developing between the main supplier and the client
  • The Key Solutions
  • Led by the Programme Delivery Architect, an Innovation team was able to:
  • Negotiate a compromise interim working agreement between the client and the main supplier.
  • Assist in appointing a new ‘Technical Architect’ and correct the technical implementation.
  • Rapidly re-organise the existing workforce, workloads and plan.
The Outcomes
  • Managed and Delivered Phase 1 of the Programme on a new delivery date (13 days earlier) avoiding large commercial losses.
  • Facilitation of a final settlement between the client and the supplier, avoiding legal costs.
  • Delivery of subsequent Phases 2 & 3, precisely to the agreed schedule and budget over a further 2 year period.