This is a cry sometimes heard coming from angry bosses frustrated with yet another delay in a project that is hitting the company's bottom line. It is often because the boss has heard of a super new way of managing and delivering projects called “agile”.

Agile is actually about customer centricity in product and software development (see here). In the last 2 decades it has had rapid software development methodologies bolted onto it and become a useful tool in business (see here).

To some, agile has become a panacea, an excuse to replace traditional forms of delivering change in a business. It is not. It is great way of delivering something to a fixed cost and a fixed deadline, however how much you deliver and its quality are not guaranteed.

In reality agile is a tremendous tool for some aspects of delivering change, but it doesn't replace the need for good old fashioned 'thinking things through' before committing to large investments.


What is agile?

Customer centricity in product development

Common features of agile working