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Steve is a programme and project delivery specialist, based in Hong Kong, who has been engaged by many large organisations to deliver business critical change.

In recent years I have worked with some of the regions top consultants and actuaries to deliver programmes in the insurance space. They include IPO’s, mergers & acquisitions, asset migrations, bancassurance deals and valuations.  On occasion my clients have entrusted me with their companies and staff as an interim board representative, whilst a change programme came to a close, or a merger was completed.   My career brings together 18 years in Asia, 19 years in project management, 9 years of military service and an entrepreneurial spirit. I have been to be dropped into difficult and complex situations and have had to react quickly to provide the value added expected of me. This includes learning the key aspects of an industry, identifying choke points and bringing to bear my core skills. These skills are as a project governance specialist who can communicate across cultures and manage key relationships (stakeholders, board members, colleagues and team members) whilst remaining focused on delivery. These are supplemented by my technical expertise in planning, budgeting, estimating, risk and issues management and change control.

Following schooling in Scotland my first career was as a Royal Naval Warfare Officer (Electronic & Communications) and Submariner, where I was trained to process data, communicate, think out of the box in solving problems. All this whilst adhering to existing processes and managing teams whilst under somewhat stressful environments and situations. Towards the end of my service career I was fortunate to be given opportunities to cut my teeth as the project planner for the closure of the Rosyth naval base and subsequent defence related programmes..

In early 2000 I returned to Asia, where I had been born (to avoid confusion I am Scottish but happened to have been in Japan when born). I live in Hong Kong, and since then I have been privileged to have been entrusted to deliver projects and programmes for tech, automotive, software, banking, media, sport, healthcare and law organisations. In 2009 I joined Innovation in Asia and have since delivered projects in bancassurance, insurance, asset management and consulting industries.

As all work and no play, would make me somewhat boring. I am married to the amazing Sharon, with 2 kids Kyle and Keira. We live on a boat in Hong Kong, that I designed and had built in Canada. (You can take the man out of the navy but you cannot take the navy out of the man). I am an emergency first response and trauma Instructor who still teaches in schools, companies and sports institutes, when possible. I have played and coached rugby and hockey to a respectable level and continue to take to the pitch when possible, though the recovery time is getting longer.  I have and still sit on the executive of numerous charities and chair one of Hong Kong’s most prominent sports clubs. All that said I am at my happiest when at 20m below the ocean waves diving or a 1000m above the ocean, spending time in the highlands in my native Scotland.


"First, have a definite, clear practical ideal; a goal, an objective.

Second, have the necessary means to achieve your ends; wisdom, money, materials, and methods.

Third, adjust all your means to that end." Aristotle